You may have the opportunity to represent or comment on IBAP to other people, groups, or media (radio, TV. newspapers). The material here contains useful background information about IBAP that can be used on a stand-alone basis or to introduce more in depth information.

Generally speaking choosing up to 3 statements that you feel are important and interesting to you will provide enough information about IBAP for an interesting discussion with the audience/interviewer.

Of course you should always check the website home page, about us page, and programs page for additional information and up-to date announcements that you can reference in your presentation/interview.

Talking points

  • IBAP was started in 1998 by a small group of people that felt there was a growing need to have a group of business-minded people that could meet together on a regular basis to exchange ideas and business cards.
  • IBAP has worked to present information on sound business practices to club members and the local government by holding informative seminars and lectures on topics ranging from Labor Laws and Work Permits to Sustainable Environment and Economy Trends.
  • IBAP has sponsored five 2-day Annual Business Fairs - usually held in Central Festival or Jungceylon - where IBAP presents its members' businesses to the people of Phuket.
  • IBAP has approximately 100 members now, about 400 in total since it started.
  • IBAP is open to anyone, any nationality, and with any or no business experience.
  • IBAP holds a general meeting OPEN TO THE PUBLIC once per month.
  • IBAP is strongly about networking. You will meet people.
  • IBAP meetings usually present a short program of topical interest followed by a Q & A session.
  • IBAP meetings are affordable for members and visitors and usually include complementary drinks and meal/snacks.
  • IBAP sends informative emails weekly, you are invited to join the mailing list.
  • An IBAP membership is a very good way to promote your business in Phuket, while at the same time promoting Good Business in Phuket.
  • An IBAP membership is just 2,500 Baht per year and provides many ways to promote your business.
  • IBAP members receive a free link from the IBAP website to their own website.
  • IBAP offers companies the opportunity to help sponsor meetings and events as a way to help offset administrative costs and to provide additional promotion for supporting companies.
  • IBAP offers members and supporters opportunities to assist in community projects through volunteerism.
  • IBAP is built with volunteerism, a great way to donate your skills or help your staff receive useful training working with foreigners.
  • How can you help business development in Phuket? Join IBAP
  • Would you like you staff to gain experience working with foreigners, contact IBAP to see how your staff can assist us with our monthly meetings.
  • You can announce our coming programs.
  • Our meeting location is posted on the IBAP website,, along with easy-to-follow driving details and maps.
  • IBAP meetings are the best place in Phuket for business networking in a fun social environment.