There's no path towards true democracy for Thailand

May's Program

Bangkok Post political commentator Voronai Vanijaka speaks about democracy in Thailand Bangkok Post political commentator Voronai Vanijaka speaks about democracy in Thailand. Come and hear his insightful and entertaining views, a sample of which follows:.

"If the world was a high school class filled with jocks, preps, cheerleaders, nerds, geeks, freaks and that kid who might one day brings an AK47 to school, Thailand would be a cheerleader, the head cheerleader, in fact.

"She's an average student, not bright, not dumb, but she gets by well enough. She doesn't really apply herself and no one believes she would ever amount to much, though it really doesn't matter. This is because she's hot and therefore she's popular. Her parents spoil her, the nerds do her homework for her, the teachers give her a pass and the principle likes to look up her skirt. She's the queen bee - and a nice one at that, not a bitch.

"High school life is easy for her. The boys love her because she never says no to a date and she's the life of every party. While her classmates gossip about her, she also gossips about them. But face to face, everyone smiles sweetly at her because she's hot and popular, and she smiles back because she knows she's got a cute smile.

"So why would a hot, sexy, popular cheerleader with an easy life, spoiled and loved by all needs democracy? Don't hate her just because she's beautiful."

Friday May 10, 2013
6:15 PM
Royal Phuket Marina
Voronai Vanijaka

Voronai Vanijaka

Voronai Vanijaka is one of Thailand's premiere political and social commentators. He writes a weekly sunday column in the Bangkok Post commentary critiquing politics and society. He is the co-host of Morning Focus, a daily English-language news talk show, Channel 11 NBT (True Visions channel 5) and the co-host of Krachub Wong Kao, a daily Thai-language news talk show, TNN 24 (True Visions channel 7). He is also a Lecturer in the Department of Mass Media at Thammasart University in Bangkok.

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