Vignettes of Phuket, Snapshots of Our Very Recent History

November's Program

This evening we will hear short, impressionistic scenes that focus on Phuket 15-30 years ago for a personal impression of a character, idea, or setting.

It seems that no matter how short your time is in Phuket you have something to say about the changes you've seen, and probably for many things. Roads, traffic, Internet, schools, consumer goods and a lot more.

So what was it like even 10, 20 or 30 years ago? Well come along and hear.

Join in an evening of networking, making some new acquaintances, and maybe catching up with a few friends.

Friday November 8, 2013
6.15 PM
URBAN Food, Central Festival
URBAN Food, Central Festival

Bistro offering a wide range of Asian and International cuisines.

To reach URBAN FOOD from the lower level parking, use the escalators next to Office Depot. URBAN FOOD is easily found between McDonalds and the main access doors to Central.

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