Life on the Razor's Edge: An Evening with Peter Slade

September's Program

Peter 'Razor' Slade will recount his colorful 40-year history as a solider, mercenery, and security consultant in places as diverse as Vietnam, Rhodesia, Cambodia, Iraq, and Thailand. Come and enjoy a fascinating evening of war stories and memories from his unique perspective.

As author Tim Boyden explains: "Few men have crammed more lives into one than Peter 'Razor' Slade - blooded in Vietnam as a combat soldier, adventurer, then a soldier of fortune in Cambodia, Africa and most recently, Iraq. He has endured five years in a maximum security gaol in Australia for a murder he did not commit - where I first met him - and diced with death as a security consultant and gun for hire. This is a warts and all account of an action packed life living on his wits in situations most of us would expect to encounter only in films or fiction."

Friday September 14, 2012
6:15 PM
URBAN Food, Central Festival
Peter 'Razor' Slade

Peter 'Razor' Slade

Peter "Razor" Slade has for over forty years, lived the highly controversial life of a soldier for hire; a mercenary, security consultant, a private military contractor and "freelancer", or as they sometimes say today... a deniable. "Razor's Edge" peels back the diverse layers of the author's life with a no-apologies, brutally honest insight into soldiering for hire, its hardships and rewards.

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