Crisis Management in Phuket

August's Program

For our August meeting, we have the pleasure to welcome Richard Hancock, a professional crisis management specialist based in Singapore, who will discuss the parameters of this subject in relation to Phuket and take your questions.


Richard Hancock will be focusing his presentation on the answering the questions he is most asked:

  • How do we reduce or risk exposure?
  • Who is there to help us?
  • Who is going to manage/oversee the Crisis Management program?
  • Who is going to develop/write the plans?
  • Who should be in on the Crisis Management Team?
  • How do we keep people informed?
  • How do we communicate our decisions in a crisis/emergency?
  • How much is it going to cost to develop the appropriate crisis mitigation infrastructure?

And the questions he asks most:

  • Do you understand and fully appreciate the range of threats to your organization/department?
  • Have you looked at how vulnerable you are to any identified threats, specifically - what event (natural disaster), omission (lack of compliance) or act (terrorism, crime) would bring you organization/department to its knees?
  • Have you identified all your critical assets - Property, People, information and Reputation?
  • How do you deal with risk, do you:
    • Transfer it (insurance)?
    • Accept it?
    • Defend against it?
    • Remove it (relocate)?
  • Do you have a Crisis Management Team identified?
  • Do you have Emergency Response, Crisis Management and/or Business resumption Plans in place?
  • Do you have a Crisis Communication Plan?
  • Do you exercise and test your plans?
  • Do you review and revise plans annually?


Friday August 10, 2012
6:15 PM
A2 ACCESS Resort & Villas
Richard Hancock

Richard Hancock

Richard has 24-years professional experience working across Asia Pacific and the Middle East supporting Governments, NGO's and Fortune 500 Companies putting into practice fully holistic enterprise risk management programmes across a diverse range of geographical locations.

He has been at the forefront of the increase in Risk Management Planning needed in today's global market. This included the developing and implementing of Security Policy, Procedures, Emergency Response, Crisis Management and Business Response Plans. Richard has worked with countries, governments, companies, and individuals at all levels on a wide spectrum of topics that come under the umbrella of Crisis Management.

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