International Business Association of Phuket

IBAP is comprised of local Thai and foreign-owned businesses with an international outlook. IBAP strives to promote the collective business interests of its members and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

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January's Program

No Program for January

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No Program for January

Friday January 8, 2016
06:30 PM
To be announced

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President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

IBAP has been a great success for more than 15 years, connecting business-minded people through a social platform, encouraging exchanges of business cards, wine and a topical presentation. The association and it's board members have always sought holding an officially registered status that required transparency, accountability and audits. Over the years the dedicated effort of several dozens of people, mostly members but not all, and numerous knowledgeable companies never reached attaining the final stamp. There are many thoughts and impressions as to why (or why not?), and we could fill many monthly programs with discussions on this topic, but all comes down to the never ending process we've been in for years and years trying to achieve a registered association by a process that matches our goals of clarity and transparency. Perhaps with the new government will come new ways that support our registration as an association in Thailand. In the meantime the IBAP board will place our "association" into a suspended state. We shall keep communication lines open through the website and emails, and if we are made aware of available interesting programs we will support holding a social meeting to present another evening.

Thank you,

James Firth, IBAP President

Our Members

IBAP is about you: our Phuket community, our members. Below is a short profile of one of our members.

Rin Ananya Insumran
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Rin has served as IBAP's monthly meeting venue coordiator through 4 locations and also for 3 Busines...

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